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Take a Spring Walk

White and yellow pansies crowd around yellow tulips Birds under leafy canopy chirp and sing a springtime song Clusters of lavender flowers tucked among wisteria leaves drape over a gazebo Tulips stretch long graceful stems to face the sun White … Continue reading

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Winter’s Accessories

After days of rain and cold, the weather finally got its act together and snowed – big beautiful flakes floating from the night sky. I stayed up to keep the snow company for a while, but eventually drifted off to … Continue reading

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Christmas Break

It’s only December 13, and I’m not sure if I can listen to one more rendition of Frosty the Snowman walking in a winter wonderland, jingling sleigh bells at the most wonderful time of the year, waiting for Santa Claus … Continue reading

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Whispering Breeze

Gentle breeze whispers Breathe deeply of earth’s pure scent Fill heart’s empty spaces.  Gentle breeze whispers Dip into tranquil waters Refresh tired spirit. Gentle breeze whispers Rest in sunlight’s warm smile Dream sweet thoughts of peace. © Lynn Wyvill 2012

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Ocean Breath

I took one of my favorite vacations last week – a whole week at the beach.  For me, there is no better place than by the water.  Peace can be found where the ocean stretches as far as the eye … Continue reading

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I Break for Writing

I gave myself a gift this past weekend.  I went to the Elizabeth Ayres Center for Creative Writing to attend the Herring Creek Retreat for Writers.   The break gave me time to focus entirely on my writing with no distractions … Continue reading

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Where I’ll Be

If you call my name and there is no answer, If you search and can’t find me, Then look for a hammock by the water, And there I’ll be. Nestled in, rocking gently. Encourage the breeze to blow cool. Invite … Continue reading

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