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Take a Spring Walk

White and yellow pansies crowd around yellow tulips Birds under leafy canopy chirp and sing a springtime song Clusters of lavender flowers tucked among wisteria leaves drape over a gazebo Tulips stretch long graceful stems to face the sun White … Continue reading

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Too Cold

Would someone tell Mother Nature she needs to hurry and send warmer temperatures? Please? It’s too cold for the trees. They shake back and forth trying to keep warm. It’s too cold for the birds. They’ve stopped singing. It’s too … Continue reading

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Bunny Lessons

Miserable – that sums up the muggy, sultry, oppressive, humid, damp, sticky, clammy weather we’ve been having.   I love using a thesaurus! Air conditioning is the only reason I’m able to function at all.  I grew up with these kinds … Continue reading

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