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Taking a Break

Two and a half years. That’s how long I’ve been posting on this blog. One hundred twenty-one posts. Once a week on Thursdays. Usually. Sometimes the posts were late. A few times, I didn’t post at all, like last week. … Continue reading

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Spring’s Party

Robins perch atop fresh mulch Spread out like a tablecloth On which flowers are placed to set a pretty table. Sparrows hop among gold and violet pansies Happy to be invited to spring’s annual party. Cream and magenta tulip tree … Continue reading

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Found Peace

I love this time of year.  The light in the late afternoon is unlike any other time of year.  It’s a burnished gold – mellow and quite warm, not the soft young yellow of a spring day or the sunshiny … Continue reading

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Bunny Lessons

Miserable – that sums up the muggy, sultry, oppressive, humid, damp, sticky, clammy weather we’ve been having.   I love using a thesaurus! Air conditioning is the only reason I’m able to function at all.  I grew up with these kinds … Continue reading

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Play Break

Normally, I post on Thursdays, but I was away, taking a break to let body and soul catch up to each other.  Besides, this is a creativity blog and part of the creative process is being flexible so there’s no … Continue reading

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Cicadas’ Concert

Finally, the heat and humidity took a break, and I’ve been able to sit outside in comfort.  The other night I was surprised to find myself at a Cicadas’ Concert and actually enjoying it.   Now I’ve heard cicadas before, but … Continue reading

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Only Two Weeks Left!

I know the calendar says the autumn begins on September 22, but for me summer ends on Labor Day.  Always has.  Summer vacation was officially over the day school started which was always the day after Labor Day.   I’ve been … Continue reading

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