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Please Move Out, Winter

Okay, winter, it’s time for you to go You’ve overstayed your welcome You moved in months ago and made yourself comfortable Spreading your icy cold self all over the place And you waited until now, the last week of March … Continue reading

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Wake Up

March 20, 2013 was the first day of spring! Mother Nature and Old Man Winter put the kiddies to bed for a nice long nap. “You need your rest,” they said. Mother tucked the grass under a snowy blanket. The … Continue reading

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Three Spring Verses

Weather warm and cool Undecided and unsettled On the cusp of spring. Tender tree buds wait Anticipating spring warmth Eager to bloom soon. Cold winter ground yields Daffodils and crocuses Harbingers of spring.

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Too Cold

Would someone tell Mother Nature she needs to hurry and send warmer temperatures? Please? It’s too cold for the trees. They shake back and forth trying to keep warm. It’s too cold for the birds. They’ve stopped singing. It’s too … Continue reading

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A Cure for the “Blahs”

February – Twenty- eight days of a faded green and muddy brown landscape washed over with a dull gray mist. Throw in cold drizzle, and I find myself with a bad case of the “blahs.” BUT Mother Nature doesn’t leave … Continue reading

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Summer’s Peace

We’ve been blessed with cooler weather that last few days.  It’s been heaven not to have to suffer through the hot, sticky, humid days we normally get this time of year.       No air conditioner needed so windows are open to … Continue reading

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Mother Nature is Confused

Mother Nature has her seasons mixed up.  It’s spring.  The calendar says so.    But she’s acting like it’s winter.   The temperatures are down in the 30s at night and only the 50s during the day.  The wind is carrying on … Continue reading

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