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Ocean of Ideas

This article first appeared in the July 2013 issue of the Creativity Coaching Association newsletter. A perfect day is walking along the beach.  The familiar and constant, yet ever changing, ocean is comforting.  And gathering rocks and shells is so … Continue reading

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Taking a Break

Two and a half years. That’s how long I’ve been posting on this blog. One hundred twenty-one posts. Once a week on Thursdays. Usually. Sometimes the posts were late. A few times, I didn’t post at all, like last week. … Continue reading

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Night Sounds

I was up in the very early morning hours the other day. Normally, I’m not up at that time, but when I am, my only company is a ticking grandfather’s clock and the hum of the refrigerator. Not this time. … Continue reading

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Too Cold

Would someone tell Mother Nature she needs to hurry and send warmer temperatures? Please? It’s too cold for the trees. They shake back and forth trying to keep warm. It’s too cold for the birds. They’ve stopped singing. It’s too … Continue reading

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It’s rare that I don’t spot at least one hawk on my trips from the city to the country. The sight of one of them perched on a fence or on the uppermost bare branch of a tree warms my … Continue reading

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Winter’s Accessories

After days of rain and cold, the weather finally got its act together and snowed – big beautiful flakes floating from the night sky. I stayed up to keep the snow company for a while, but eventually drifted off to … Continue reading

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Slumbering Moon

The moon rests with only the luminescent C-curve of its back showing.  Its bed is the sky, draped in a drowsy shade of well past midnight and not quite morning blue.   Around the moon, clouds are spread like a rumpled … Continue reading

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