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Bunny Lessons

Miserable – that sums up the muggy, sultry, oppressive, humid, damp, sticky, clammy weather we’ve been having.   I love using a thesaurus! Air conditioning is the only reason I’m able to function at all.  I grew up with these kinds … Continue reading

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Only Two Weeks Left!

I know the calendar says the autumn begins on September 22, but for me summer ends on Labor Day.  Always has.  Summer vacation was officially over the day school started which was always the day after Labor Day.   I’ve been … Continue reading

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How to Enjoy Summer

You know how some things make you smile.    Well, this gal makes me laugh out loud every time I see her.  Meet Frogina.   I love this frog.  She lived at my parent’s house for a while, and now she lives … Continue reading

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Hot Tomatoes

The big, red, ripe juicy tomatoes of summer aren’t quite in season in the mid-Atlantic states yet, but cherry tomatoes – those miniature red orbs – are abundant right now. I never liked cherry tomatoes as a kid.  Maybe it was … Continue reading

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