The sun is packing a little more heat.
The air is a little warmer.
The breeze is a little calmer.


Happy flowers popped their pretty little heads up,
With petal hats of gorgeous red, pink, purple, yellow and white.
They simply couldn’t wait any longer.


The Tulip tree didn’t want to be left behind so ran to its closet and pulled out creamy white and magenta blooms to dress itself.

The ornamental cherry trees joined in, adorning themselves with mounds of blush pink blossoms.


Grass thought a touch of tender green would look stunning, too.



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Spring’s Promise

Each tulip bloom arrived in a closed cup of fiery orangey-red edged with a deep border of egg-yolk yellow.

As they got used to the warmth of the room, the tulips gradually let their guard down and opened up a bit more each day, wider and wider, like eyes popping wide in surprise until finally each petal was sprawled out like a sunbather on the sand.

Their huge splashy selves a hope, a promise, a reminder of how good it will feel to walk in the warm spring sunshine again.

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Please Move Out, Winter

Okay, winter, it’s time for you to go
You’ve overstayed your welcome
You moved in months ago and made yourself comfortable
Spreading your icy cold self all over the place
And you waited until now, the last week of March to snow
So I need to you to leave
Spring is at the door
She made her room reservation and she’d like to check in
She’d like to settle in and unpack her delicate flowers, gentle rain and warm sunshine
It’s time for you to go
I need your room
I’ve swept out the white stuff you’ve thrown everywhere
I’ve scraped the icy coatings away
And the leaves you and your blustery friend blew all over the place –
Well, that’s going to take days to clear them out of every corner
So if you don’t mind
Please pack your bags and move on
Go on vacation – far, far away
And make sure you take your buddies – cold, frigid, frosty, and freezing – with you
You can come back near the end of the year
Your room will be waiting for you
I promise.

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Wake Up

March 20, 2013 was the first day of spring!

Mother Nature and Old Man Winter put the kiddies to bed for a nice long nap. “You need your rest,” they said.

Mother tucked the grass under a snowy blanket. The old man dimmed the light of the sun. Together, they cleared the landscape of the deep crimson, golden yellow, and burnished browns that might have kept us awake. They hushed the birds to a gentle lullaby. Old Man Winter blew a cool wind, perfect for sleeping. Mother scattered cedar, pine and evergreen, and whispered, “Sweet dreams,” as she closed the door.

The naughty squirrels stayed up playing, scampering and chasing each other through the trees. Some flowers woke up very early, poking their little purple and yellow faces out from under the covers, peaking to see if the warm sun had returned.

Most of us are still asleep when Mother creeps into our room and softly says, “It’s time to rise, you sleepy heads. I have a surprise for you.”

We crawl out from under the covers blinking in the bright sunlight. Mother Nature has decorated our house with daffodil yellow, cherry blossom pink and tulip yellow. Sprouts of tender green grass are our new carpet. The windows are open to catch the warm breeze.

Dancing, humming, singing – round and round we go, so dizzy with all our dazzling new gifts. Then we remember.

“Mama, where is Old Man Winter?” we cry. She laughs. “Oh, he’s still sleeping. He’ll wake soon enough. Now go play.”

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Three Spring Verses

Weather warm and cool
Undecided and unsettled
On the cusp of spring.

Tender tree buds wait
Anticipating spring warmth
Eager to bloom soon.

Cold winter ground yields
Daffodils and crocuses
Harbingers of spring.

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Too Cold

Would someone tell Mother Nature she needs to hurry and send warmer temperatures? Please?

It’s too cold for the trees. They shake back and forth trying to keep warm.

It’s too cold for the birds. They’ve stopped singing.

It’s too cold for the grass. It has turned a sickly pale yellow- green.

It’s too cold for the flowers. They refuse to bloom.

It’s too cold for me. I don’t want to go outside.

But when spring’s warmth does arrive

The trees will wave an enthusiastic hello.

The birds will sing with joy.

The grass will be a luxurious green carpet.

The flowers will blossom with bright pink, red, yellow and purple petals.

And me?

I will be happily walking in the sunshine.

So Mother Nature, how about it? Some warm weather soon? Please?

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A Cure for the “Blahs”

February –

Twenty- eight days of a faded green and muddy brown landscape washed over with a dull gray mist. Throw in cold drizzle, and I find myself with a bad case of the “blahs.”


Mother Nature doesn’t leave me stranded. Nope.

Right there on the back fence when I least expect, a glorious gift of red arrives – a male cardinal. It’s funny how a splash of red can make me forget the drab weather-beaten fence and the long bare tendrils of a scraggly bush.

I wonder if he knows how bright he looks compared to the rest of the natural world?

He’s oblivious to the lady birds fluttering around him. And I’m sure he doesn’t know that his appearance has me smiling and acting like a goof, talking to him, even though I know he can’t hear me.

Despite all that, he is an alert fellow, turning his head this way and that, on the lookout for possible trouble. Good thing, too! Mr. Cardinal looked to his left just in time to see a squirrel that was in a big hurry and had no intention of stopping. Quick as a flash, my friend was gone, avoiding a nasty collision.

Now I’m back to somber winter, but I don’t mind. Spring is just around the corner. A little red bird told me so.

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