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Slumbering Moon

The moon rests with only the luminescent C-curve of its back showing.  Its bed is the sky, draped in a drowsy shade of well past midnight and not quite morning blue.   Around the moon, clouds are spread like a rumpled … Continue reading

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A Cocoon for the Moon and Me

A few nights ago, the moon disappeared behind a curtain of clouds where it hid all night. Wrapped in this private, quiet cocoon, the moon worked on completing its journey from bright sliver to full round ripeness. Being a writer … Continue reading

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Momma Moon and Bunny

Night has fallen.  Mother Nature pulls her special midnight blue blanket over the sky and tells everyone to go to sleep. But as soon as she’s gone, the little ones turn on their flashlights, lighting the sky up with twinkly … Continue reading

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The Moon and Clouds

Last week, I saw the most beautiful clouds and a full moon over the Virginia countryside.   I wanted to share them with you.    It’s been a long time since I’ve used my camera, so I’m getting reacquainted with it.  … Continue reading

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