Take a Spring Walk

White and yellow pansies crowd around yellow tulips
Birds under leafy canopy chirp and sing a springtime song
Clusters of lavender flowers tucked among wisteria leaves drape over a gazebo
Tulips stretch long graceful stems to face the sun
White azaleas rest in the cool shade
Bird’s flight casts a shadow on grassy carpet
Ivy vines climb one on top of another to reach the light
White moth plays among yellow dandelions
Curious robins hop here and there exploring
Ripples of water chase each other in a circle while the rest of the pond watches
Dogwood trees bloom with creamy white flowers
Breeze tickles leaves
Orange and black butterfly flits by
Ferns poke their heads up
Bumble bees dance with each other
Mockingbird flashes a band of white on wings spread wide
Warm sun and cool shade take turns on the path
Breathe deeply
Find the quiet here and the peace within

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