Spring’s Party

Robins perch atop fresh mulch
Spread out like a tablecloth
On which flowers are placed to set a pretty table.

Sparrows hop among gold and violet pansies
Happy to be invited to spring’s annual party.

Cream and magenta tulip tree petals didn’t stay long
Blown away by hard spring rain.

Gone, too, crocuses,
First to arrive, they grew tired and went home.

Daffodils pop up like periscopes
Heads turned this way and that
Looking for their friends.

Tulips stand tall holding their cups
Of yellow, pink, red and purple.

Fuchsia, gold and deep blue primroses
Huddle close to the ground among thick green leaves
Having too much fun to leave just yet.

Azaleas finally show up
Lavenders first, then pinks, reds and whites
Slipping quietly through spring’s door.

Spring only has the party room for a while

Then summer will throw open its doors
Inviting marigolds, zinnias, geraniums and roses
To come in and have some fun.

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