Please Move Out, Winter

Okay, winter, it’s time for you to go
You’ve overstayed your welcome
You moved in months ago and made yourself comfortable
Spreading your icy cold self all over the place
And you waited until now, the last week of March to snow
So I need to you to leave
Spring is at the door
She made her room reservation and she’d like to check in
She’d like to settle in and unpack her delicate flowers, gentle rain and warm sunshine
It’s time for you to go
I need your room
I’ve swept out the white stuff you’ve thrown everywhere
I’ve scraped the icy coatings away
And the leaves you and your blustery friend blew all over the place –
Well, that’s going to take days to clear them out of every corner
So if you don’t mind
Please pack your bags and move on
Go on vacation – far, far away
And make sure you take your buddies – cold, frigid, frosty, and freezing – with you
You can come back near the end of the year
Your room will be waiting for you
I promise.

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