Wake Up

March 20, 2013 was the first day of spring!

Mother Nature and Old Man Winter put the kiddies to bed for a nice long nap. “You need your rest,” they said.

Mother tucked the grass under a snowy blanket. The old man dimmed the light of the sun. Together, they cleared the landscape of the deep crimson, golden yellow, and burnished browns that might have kept us awake. They hushed the birds to a gentle lullaby. Old Man Winter blew a cool wind, perfect for sleeping. Mother scattered cedar, pine and evergreen, and whispered, “Sweet dreams,” as she closed the door.

The naughty squirrels stayed up playing, scampering and chasing each other through the trees. Some flowers woke up very early, poking their little purple and yellow faces out from under the covers, peaking to see if the warm sun had returned.

Most of us are still asleep when Mother creeps into our room and softly says, “It’s time to rise, you sleepy heads. I have a surprise for you.”

We crawl out from under the covers blinking in the bright sunlight. Mother Nature has decorated our house with daffodil yellow, cherry blossom pink and tulip yellow. Sprouts of tender green grass are our new carpet. The windows are open to catch the warm breeze.

Dancing, humming, singing – round and round we go, so dizzy with all our dazzling new gifts. Then we remember.

“Mama, where is Old Man Winter?” we cry. She laughs. “Oh, he’s still sleeping. He’ll wake soon enough. Now go play.”

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One Response to Wake Up

  1. Liane says:

    Love your new photo! Spring is here…at least in spirit.

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