A Cure for the “Blahs”

February –

Twenty- eight days of a faded green and muddy brown landscape washed over with a dull gray mist. Throw in cold drizzle, and I find myself with a bad case of the “blahs.”


Mother Nature doesn’t leave me stranded. Nope.

Right there on the back fence when I least expect, a glorious gift of red arrives – a male cardinal. It’s funny how a splash of red can make me forget the drab weather-beaten fence and the long bare tendrils of a scraggly bush.

I wonder if he knows how bright he looks compared to the rest of the natural world?

He’s oblivious to the lady birds fluttering around him. And I’m sure he doesn’t know that his appearance has me smiling and acting like a goof, talking to him, even though I know he can’t hear me.

Despite all that, he is an alert fellow, turning his head this way and that, on the lookout for possible trouble. Good thing, too! Mr. Cardinal looked to his left just in time to see a squirrel that was in a big hurry and had no intention of stopping. Quick as a flash, my friend was gone, avoiding a nasty collision.

Now I’m back to somber winter, but I don’t mind. Spring is just around the corner. A little red bird told me so.

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