Winter’s Accessories

After days of rain and cold, the weather finally got its act together and snowed – big beautiful flakes floating from the night sky.

I stayed up to keep the snow company for a while, but eventually drifted off to sleep convinced that the cold earth would hang on to its sparkling accessories until morning. And it did.

When I awoke, there was the beaming sun, pleased with the snow’s work. Cold air snapped her fingers to pull me out of my sleepy haze, and the drip, drip, drip of melting snow hurried me along. These winter decorations wouldn’t last long.

Glistening droplets of water clung to the tip of every pine needle, like delicate earrings.

A glaze of ice covered every puddle. Perhaps the birds would like to ice skate.

Starburst medallions of crackled ice adorned tufts of grass.

Delicate plants hid in the garden, cozy under a cold frame with its window panes coated in a thick frost.

Hardier plants, like kale and onions, proudly wore an icy coat.

Cabbages showed off with leaves edged with snow, like fluffy white fur trim.

And me? I was snuggled under my fleece clothes, and I chose bright purple gloves as my winter decoration.

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4 Responses to Winter’s Accessories

  1. I love the way you’ve written this! I can picture the scene, and I love the purple gloves. I’ve just got a purple scarf for Christmas. It’s every bit as good as a purple hat! Have a wonderful day.

  2. Great description! Thanks for dropping by and liking my post.

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