Butterfly Lessons

Metamorphosis.  I like the sound and the feel of that word rolling around on my tongue.  I love the whole idea of it, a big change, like when a pupa transforms into a beautiful butterfly.

Watching butterflies flutter and land, flutter and land, fascinates me.  Because they are never still for long, they force me to stop and be still so I can watch their delicate dance.

Why do butterflies move so much?  Maybe it’s because they have a lot to do in their short lives, which can be a few days or just one year, depending.  Maybe it’s because they want to taste the sweetness of as many flowers as they can before they fly no more.

As I watch their quiet, gentle movements, peace settles over me.  I think about my own metamorphosis and how many flowers there are left for me to savor.

© Lynn Wyvill 2012

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3 Responses to Butterfly Lessons

  1. AMA says:

    Unexpected for this season of year a Vanessa butterfly attended my balcony buddleia…

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