Monthly Archives: October 2012

Ocean Breath

I took one of my favorite vacations last week – a whole week at the beach.  For me, there is no better place than by the water.  Peace can be found where the ocean stretches as far as the eye … Continue reading

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Old Friends

The sun woke up early this morning and arose from its bed just below the horizon.   It took a leisurely stroll up into the sky where it sat on a pillowy cloud, waitingfor me to come outdoors to join it. … Continue reading

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Butterfly Lessons

Metamorphosis.  I like the sound and the feel of that word rolling around on my tongue.  I love the whole idea of it, a big change, like when a pupa transforms into a beautiful butterfly. Watching butterflies flutter and land, … Continue reading

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I Break for Writing

I gave myself a gift this past weekend.  I went to the Elizabeth Ayres Center for Creative Writing to attend the Herring Creek Retreat for Writers.   The break gave me time to focus entirely on my writing with no distractions … Continue reading

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