Good for the Heart

The hot, humid weather finally stepped aside and allowed cooler, drier air to enter.

Perfect for a walk in the woods on Stony Man Trail on Skyline Drive!

Lush ferns cover the ground under the trees, unlike my ferns at home which are puny wisps of green.  There’s a lesson here.  Sometimes just letting things be, not bothered by anything or anyone, allows things to go their own way and thrive.

Fallen trees are the old bones of the forest.

Nature wrapped herself around this tree twisting its bark.  Isn’t one-of-a-kind beauty spectacular?

The view is fantastic.  Some climb to the very edge.  Not me.  I can’t relax if I think I’m going to fall!  I’m content to settle into one of the natural seats formed by the rocks and sit back a bit from the edge.

This is perfect.  Besides, I’m not as interested in what lies below, as much as I am in what lies ahead.  What is over those ridges?  I could look at a map, or ask, but really, I’d prefer to go find out for myself.  Except right now, this is exactly where I want to be.

Cawing crows gather my distractions of concerns and cares and carry them off, farther and farther away, with each beat of their wings.  Butterflies come close with their invitation to join in their serenity.

“Out there” has no limit it seems, so many possibilities.

Clouds in the ocean of blue sky float like my thoughts.

Up here, my world stretches to a larger landscape.   And that is good for my heart.

© Lynn Wyvill 2012

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