Bunny Lessons

Miserable – that sums up the muggy, sultry, oppressive, humid, damp, sticky, clammy weather we’ve been having.   I love using a thesaurus!

Air conditioning is the only reason I’m able to function at all.  I grew up with these kinds of summers, but I’ve never liked this weather. 

When I walk outside, the damp envelopes me like a soggy woolen cape that’s been soaked in steamy water.  If I’m outside more than five minutes, I feel a slick of salty, sticky sweat descend on me.  This is the kind of humid air my mother used to describe as being so heavy you could wring it out. 

Because of this humidity, I have been putting off walking for over a week, but last night I couldn’t stand it anymore.  I had to get outside.  My reward – seeing my bunny buddy. 

He was by the railroad tracks; his brown fur blending in nicely with the grasses where he was sitting.  I would have missed him if he hadn’t moved.  He stood up – he’s getting bigger each time I see him – and stretched to reach the tips of the grasses that were his dinner.  He’d bite off the new growth, which I imagine is more tender and tastier than the old stuff, and then chew thoroughly before going back for more. 

Bunny seemed to really enjoy his meal.   And I really enjoyed my walk, especially because of seeing the bunny.    It made braving the humidity worth it. 

It occurred to me this morning that the bunny can teach us a thing or two.

Take the time to enjoy your food.

Chew thoroughly.

Quit complaining about the weather.  After all, you’re not wearing a fur coat!

© Lynn Wyvill 2012

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