Play Break

Normally, I post on Thursdays, but I was away, taking a break to let body and soul catch up to each other.  Besides, this is a creativity blog and part of the creative process is being flexible so there’s no need to be rigid about a posting schedule, is there?  Of course not!  

While I was away, I visited a lovely park with beautiful shade trees, a hiking trail, and a playground.   It was wonderful to be able to walk and then sit in the shade to read and write. 

The playground was busy with lots of children running and playing.  As I watched them, I remembered how much I loved being at the playground when I was little.   And that’s when it hit me.  I wanted to swing and go down the sliding board!   

I felt a bit embarrassed at the prospect of doing that with so many people around so I thought I’d wait for the place to clear out – nap time and all that – and then I would play.  Well, the park never cleared out.  People kept coming and the kids kept playing.  And then I thought, what the heck, I’m going to swing and slide because I want to.  And so I did. 

The swing was first.  What a blast to go flying through the air once again!   My face broke out in a big grin as I pumped my legs so I could go higher and higher. 

The sliding board was next.  When I was little, they were metal.  Now they are plastic, but just as much fun.  Down I went – twice – enjoying the twists and turns!

Playing is good for the creative soul!

© Lynn Wyvill 2012

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