Cicadas’ Concert

Finally, the heat and humidity took a break, and I’ve been able to sit outside in comfort.  The other night I was surprised to find myself at a Cicadas’ Concert and actually enjoying it.  

Now I’ve heard cicadas before, but it has always seemed to me that all they could do was produce a loud, one note droning noise that was annoying.   Really annoying!   But this time, as I sat quietly, I heard something much different.   Their hum reminded me of a chorus singing.  It seemed quite sophisticated, as if there was a musical director orchestrating the whole thing. 

Each cicada section had its part.  The first song started loud and strong, reaching a crescendo and then softening to a hush so that the next section could sing their part of softer, different notes.   It went on for some time.  And as soon as one song ended, they began another, never waiting for applause. 

Later I wondered.   When did the cicadas start singing, instead of just making noise?  Or had they been giving concerts all along?   Have the cicadas changed or have I?             

© Lynn Wyvill 2012

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