Streams, Rocks and Trees

I always knew that any spot with streams, rocks and trees drew me in like a bee to juicy ripe flowers.  But it wasn’t until I was going through the pile of photos I’ve taken over the past few years that I realized what an addiction I had.  There in my album were pictures – hundreds of them – of streams, studded with rocks, winding through lush green space.  Most of them are unmarked as to location.  Honestly, most of them look alike.

So what is it about water, rocks and trees all arranged so beautifully in nature that speaks to me?


Here’s what I think. 

The gentle flow of water in a stream is peaceful, like a mother’s soft song taking me to a calm, safe place of rest.  The rocks are steady and unchangeable, anchors that solidly attach themselves to earth.  Lush green trees, ferns and vines guard these spaces to protect the tranquility.

These places of repose are my breathing space where body, mind and spirit greet one another again like old friends who have been apart too long.  

But it’s more than that. 

Streams, rocks and trees together are a reminder of how life works.   

Life flows like the streams – at times meandering, at other times, moving with great purpose.  Like the water, life sometimes sneaks off to explore where it hasn’t been before.   Streams meet obstacles of wadded up leaves, but never give up, just accept what is and continue to flow.  

Rocks are the refuge from the constant flow, observers of the stream’s path.

Trees, vines and plants seek light and nourishment to put down their roots to grow and flourish.  

Ah, so now I know why these places of streams, rocks and trees call to me.  This is the sacred space of contemplation and perspective to continue on life’s journey.

 © Lynn Wyvill 2012

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