Summer’s Peace

We’ve been blessed with cooler weather that last few days.  It’s been heaven not to have to suffer through the hot, sticky, humid days we normally get this time of year.      

No air conditioner needed so windows are open to fresh air.

On days like this, I love to walk through the house in late afternoon and feel the silky smooth hard wood floors beneath my bare feet. 

The sun’s warm glow on the houses softens the edges and color of the rust-red bricks. 

Birds, some hidden in the trees while others balance on the phone lines, whistle, chirp and call to each other.  Leaves rustle in the breeze.

Ah, peace. 

Until someone walks by shouting into their cell phone about some work issue.   Until someone else two streets over starts yelling.  A happy yell, judging by the tone and inflection.  But.  Still.  It messes with my mellow mood.

The noise is temporary, though.   The intrusive human sounds pass, and I return to peace on the screened porch to watch summer drift by on this perfect afternoon. 

© Lynn Wyvill 2012

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4 Responses to Summer’s Peace

  1. Iris says:

    Lucky you!! I love sitting on my porch watching the ducks and the geese laze away in the yard. Or the humming birds fight over the feeder. I feel like I am a “peeping tom” into another world.

  2. I love your visual image of sun softening the edges of brick. Thank you! IE

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