Creative Edges

Last weekend, I taught a creativity workshop at a local art gallery.  Because the name of the art show on display was “Art on the Edge,” I decided to use that as a theme for the workshop.  

 “Edges” in art mean different things to different people.  In my work teaching professionals how to be better presenters and as a creativity coach, I’ve seen how personal “edges” hold us back.  These “edges” are the boundaries we impose upon ourselves; the lines we won’t cross or color outside of for a variety of reasons.  

Have you ever stood on your “edge” and been too afraid to try something new for fear you’d look foolish or fail?   How about the edge that comes from your past where someone told you that you were no good at something and you believed them, never to try again?    Maybe the edge is being afraid to begin because you can’t “waste” materials or time.  The edge can be your inner critic who tells you your idea isn’t good enough, creative enough.   Or maybe your edge is that something you are going to write, draw, paint or say might reveal too much about you.    

I struggle with edges, and I’ve watched others struggle with them, too.    

I remember being at one event where a table was set up with paper, markers and crayons.  Everyone was welcome to create a picture.  The kids jumped right in and started playing, but the adults hesitated.   I thought with a little encouragement, they’d  participate, but most declined saying the table was really only for the kids.  I may be wrong, but it looked to me like many of those adults really wanted to pick up a crayon and have fun.    

So back to my workshop over the weekend.   We started by talking about edges in our art – trouble starting, finishing, doing something we hadn’t tried before, doing things we didn’t think we could do.  But as we played with crayons, markers, paint, pens, paper and scissors, we were focused on just having fun as we doodled and painted to music   My hope is that those personal “edges” blurred for everyone just a little bit.   

©Lynn Wyvill  2012

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2 Responses to Creative Edges

  1. Brenda Curtis-Heiken says:

    Lynn, I have lived “on the edge” for most of my life! The “ride” is good as long as you are prepared for the highs and the lows! Hiugs, Brenda

  2. Yes, dealing with edges all the time. Trying hard now to find the courage to jump off once in a while.

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