Squirrel Lessons

Yes, I know I missed Thursday and now I’m almost at the end of Saturday, but I have a good excuse.   I took a little getaway and unplugged from responsibility.  Dare I say it!  I played!!!!!  After I caught up on my rest that is.  It was great. 

I kept hoping that I would get some terrific idea for this week’s blog, but my brain just wasn’t cooperating.  I think I was trying too hard, which always causes brain freeze for me.   

Anyhow.  I was standing at my window today, and I saw two squirrels playing follow the leader.  Nothing fast or strenuous, just scampering one behind the other.  When one zigged, so did the one behind it.  A zag and the other one followed.  They took turns being the leader.  

It got me thinking about squirrels and how they can teach us a thing or two about playing and living.   Oh, sure they work hard.  Suppose you had to gather a diet of nuts only every day to feed yourself?  And then there’s the scurrying back and forth, up and down, to build cozy nests for their little ones. 

Yeah, life may not be easy for squirrels, and they certainly work hard.  BUT they play hard, too.  Watch the acrobatics as they leap from limb to limb.  Then there’s the tag they play up and down, round and round the big oak trees.  Hide n’ seek is popular.  They hide the acorns they find and then later they have a treasure hunt to find their precious stash of nuts.    They look like they are having so much fun.

They make sure they rest, too.  Today, I saw a squirrel sprawled on the top rail of the fence, just relaxing and taking life a little easy, enjoying the warm temps and the sunshine.

Yep, I think squirrels can teach us a lot . 

©Lynn Wyvill 2012

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