Riding the Clouds

Yesterday, I stepped into a pool of shade under the outstretched branches of a tree and back into my childhood.  I spent many an afternoon as a child under the low branches of a Japanese maple tree seeing how many pictures I could find formed by the clouds. 

Now, as I settled the grown-up me into my chair, I watched big fluffy swirls and mounds of meringue- like clouds emerge from their hiding place behind the green hills.   A picture show of an angel with a trumpet, then a kitten playing with its paws as it rested on its back, followed by a baby dolphin playing in the waves, drifted by. 

And then it appeared in the formation of the clouds – a gondola with a figurehead of a smiling sky creature (I don’t know its name because I have never seen one before) with its head held high, a bright eye and ears back as it sailed into the wind.  There was a notch at mid-point in this vessel, a perfect place for me to sit. 

It slowed down so I could run across the field and climb up the green trees to jump into this magical boat.  The creature spoke, “Where do you want to go?” 

“Away,” I replied, “on a beautiful adventure in the vast blue sky.”


© Lynn Wyvill 2012

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