Take a Break to Marvel Day

Let’s be bold and declare today, Take a Break to Marvel Day. 

It’s easy.  All you have to do is stop everything for a little while, take a deep breath, and turn your unidivided attention to the marvel of the natural beauty around you.  

Oh, I hear you protesting that you are way too busy to do that.   Don’t. 

You certainly wouldn’t want to miss

  • A carpet of deep pink petals from a plum tree
  • An osprey circling and swooping over a river shimmering in the late afternoon sun 
  • Geese honking as they announce their coming and going in perfect “V” formation
  • Mother deer and her babies feasting in the deep shade, who turn to greet you  with sweet soft faces as you pass
  • Blooms of orange-gold and deep blue pansies that would lighten any heart
  • A robin wading in a puddle, happily hopping here and there, as ripples emanate from  each splash
  • The glow in the early evening sky, like millions of lit candles, as the clouds drift lazily and creation breathes a deep sigh as it settles in to rest.

© Lynn Wyvill 2012

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