Momma Moon and Bunny

Night has fallen.  Mother Nature pulls her special midnight blue blanket over the sky and tells everyone to go to sleep.

But as soon as she’s gone, the little ones turn on their flashlights, lighting the sky up with twinkly stars.  Playing hide n’ seek, some stars slip behind the bare branches of the trees and giggle because I can’t find them.

The full moon holds a bunny in her luminous embrace.  His ears stand up like little pennants in the wind; his tail fluffs into a big powder puff.

It’s not long before the bubble of the moon bursts, and the bunny scampers away to play.  He hides so deep in the sky that I can’t find him.

Bunny hops all over the heavens for the longest time until Momma Moon calls him in from playing to rest for a while.  She wraps him in her full, soft arms – a comfortable nest – and says, “Hush now and go to sleep.  Then you can go back out to play.”

Pressing his little nose against the bubble Momma Moon has wrapped around him,  Bunny watches his starry playmates until his eyes flutter shut in contented sleep.

© Lynn Wyvill  2012

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2 Responses to Momma Moon and Bunny

  1. dianne - life as i see it says:

    I love this, it’s magical..

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