The Commanding Wind

The wind blew so hard, trees whipped about like dizzy children spun around too many times for a game.  Bamboo branches pressed to the ground and then snapped back to attention at the wind’s commanding whistle. 

Once the wind was all worked up, it sent tiny snowflakes, not down, but sideways like thousands of people blowing on dandelions gone to seed.  The wind soon tired of this and ordered the snow to stop.         

After a short rest, the wind gusted and directed big fluffy snowflakes to gently fall down, just like proper snowflakes should, and coat the earth like powdered sugar dusted on gingerbread. 

When the wind was satisfied with the wintery display, it moved on to keep the trees up all night in a restless dance of waving branches.  They knew better than to fight the wind. 

© Lynn Wyvill 2012

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