Red Everywhere

A song declares “what the world needs now is love.”   Yes, we do. 

And we also need buckets and buckets of red.   Red everywhere.    

I’m not talking about dangerous and angry red. Or deficit red.  No.  

Passionate red is what is required.   If we had a whole lot of red, then love and delight, exhilaration, warmth, excitement, energy, and desire wouldn’t be far behind.  That’s what I’m talking about.      

My love affair with red started when I was a kid.  Ladybugs would land on my hand and hang around with me.   My red tricycle took me fast, faster, fastest from one end of the block to the other as the wind blew the hair off my face.   Deep red autumn leaves were irresistible, and I’d never miss a chance to gather up a big bouquet of them.  Cherry popsicles and cherry pie lured me in every time. 

I never stopped loving red, although there was one frightening episode when I doubted red.  Can you believe it?  Even though it’s been many years since it happened, it makes me shudder. 

I was on a business trip and took a break to go shopping when I spotted them – red tennis shoe pumps with a white rubber toe cap and a cute little white shoe lace bow as decoration.  I wasn’t going to buy them.  I was an adult, after all.  Should I really be wearing these bright red tennie pumps at my age?  So serious I was.  

As I debated about the purchase, a wise saleswoman said, “Buy them.  It’s not real estate.  They’re cute.  And you like them.” 

Sold!  I loved those shoes.  Happy, happy was I when I wore them. 

So I’ll be the spokeswoman for red. 

I ask you, “Where would you be without a big dose of rompin-stompin, rootin-tootin rambunctious red in your life?”   

Get your red today!

What makes you feel like you can conquer the world?  A red dress, sweater, or blouse, of course.

Don’t the words caliente, spicy, and fiery raise your temperature a few degrees? 

Isn’t some expert always reminding us to eat our greens?  Yes, and we need to eat our reds, too.  It’s good for our bodies and souls to bite into luscious strawberries, sweet cherries, juicy watermelon, and earthy tomatoes.

What flowers catch your eye and make your heart all fluttery?  I’m a sucker for red tulips.  And how about those red berries on a holly tree?  Isn’t that what draws you in?  Scarlet rhododendrons, crimson peonies, and ruby red roses make my red lips curl up in a grin.    

And let me tell you, you’d be mighty disappointed if the red-breasted robin didn’t show up for the first day of spring.  Who’d lift your spirits, if it wasn’t for the cardinal hopping through the gray and white landscape of winter?  And if you really want spectacular red, watch a red-tailed hawk make a turn, catching sunlight that glints off its tail. 

Doesn’t red just make you catch your breath and say WOW?

Now here’s something to ponder.  What would happen if you took your crayon or paint and drew a big ol’ red heart on a piece of paper and presented it to someone you loved?  Huh?  What then? 

Red everywhere is my heart’s desire.

PS  — Don’t forget Tuesday, February 14, is Valentine’s Day.  

©Lynn Wyvill 2012


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