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Momma Moon and Bunny

Night has fallen.  Mother Nature pulls her special midnight blue blanket over the sky and tells everyone to go to sleep. But as soon as she’s gone, the little ones turn on their flashlights, lighting the sky up with twinkly … Continue reading

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The Commanding Wind

The wind blew so hard, trees whipped about like dizzy children spun around too many times for a game.  Bamboo branches pressed to the ground and then snapped back to attention at the wind’s commanding whistle.  Once the wind was … Continue reading

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Red Everywhere

A song declares “what the world needs now is love.”   Yes, we do.  And we also need buckets and buckets of red.   Red everywhere.     I’m not talking about dangerous and angry red. Or deficit red.  No.   Passionate red is … Continue reading

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Night Parade

Saw a parade At night In the deep blue-grey sky. Floats of clouds Fat, fluffy ones Skinny, sleek ones Snowy white ones Rose and lavender tinted ones Drifting by. Thousands of bare tree branches Line the parade route Waving their … Continue reading

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