Quiet Strength

What a shock I got this week!  I walked into my kitchen, and there he was right outside the window – a big red-tailed hawk sitting on the fence with his back turned toward me.   Slowly, he swiveled his head to look at me, and seemed just as surprised to see me as I was to see him.

I’ve seen hawks in the neighborhood before, high up in the trees, but this is the first time I’ve seen one up close.  He gave me only a moment to admire his broad mocha- colored back and expansive mottled beige- brown breast.

Please stay, I silently pleaded.   I doubted I would ever have this chance to be so close to a hawk again.

But he would have none of it.

In one swift graceful move, his powerful legs launched him off the fence.  He was gone in just a few wing beats, but not before his beautiful rusty red tail feathers flashed like polished copper in the sunlight.

Even though I was sad that our visit had been so fleeting, he left me a tremendous gift.  His majestic presence reminded me of the importance of quiet strength.  It rests deep within each of us.  If we are silent, hushing our thoughts, we will find it.

© Lynn Wyvill 2012


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