Santa’s Suit

Thought I’d post something a little different here.  This is Part One of a four part story. 

The huge clock on Santa’s workshop wall chimed six times.  It was Christmas Eve morning.  Hundreds of elves had been working around the clock for days to finish making all the toys that would be packed up later that night and loaded into Santa’s sleigh.  And there was still so much to be done.  One thing about Santa’s elves though, they’ve never, ever missed a deadline. 

Billy, the newest elf, looked up briefly from the train sets he was assembling. 

“Boy, this is the best job in the whole world,” he said to his friend, Jimmy, who was working next to him.    

“You don’t miss being in the North Pole marketing department?” Jimmy asked.

“Nope.  Not one bit.  Smartest thing I ever did was make this career transition.  This is my dream job,”  Billy grinned. 

Billy was just finishing his last order when a jolly voice behind him said, “Billy, I have a big job for you.  I need my official Santa suit cleaned before I leave tonight.  Would you take it to the cleaners for me?  You can use the snowmobile.”

Billy turned his head and looked up so fast, he felt a little snap in his neck.  His eyes opened wide in surprise, and he could barely breathe.  Billy willed himself to calm down.  After all, he didn’t want to blow the opportunity of a lifetime.   Santa had chosen him, Billy, for this critical assignment.  What a gift!  This was a Christmas Eve he’d never forget.        

Grinning, Billy danced from one foot to the other, barely able to contain his excitement, as he said in his most confident voice, “Yes, sir, Santa, I’ll take care of that for you right away.  You can count on me.  Yes, sir, I’m on it.”

Santa smiled at Billy.  Good, good.  Excellent!  I knew I could count on you, Billy.  The suit is on my bed.  And here are the keys to the snowmobile.”

Billy raced off to collect the suit.  As soon as he skidded into the bedroom, he saw it heaped on the bed. 

“Santa’s Official Suit,” Billy whispered, in awe of this magnificent sight and the tremendous responsibility Santa had bestowed on him.   Billy stood for a moment to collect his thoughts, as well as his strength. 

Grabbing two fistfuls of the material, Billy pulled mightily on the fabric which fell on him in an avalanche of red and white fur.  He crawled out from under the load and thought about the challenge ahead of him. 

Billy wondered how he was going to haul this huge suit to the snowmobile.  He thought about dragging it, but that would ruin the suit.   A cart would have been helpful, but there wasn’t time to go find one.  So Billy took a deep breath and said, “You can do this, Billy Boy.   Santa, no, the whole world, is counting on you.”

That was all it took to strengthen Billy’s resolve and his muscles.  He scooped up as much of the suit as his arms would hold.  He was on a mission. 

“I will not fail,” Billy said through his clenched teeth, as he staggered under the tremendous weight.   Billy knew he couldn’t carry the load for very long, and he was on a deadline, so he decided to take a shortcut through the workshop. 

As Billy scurried along, the pile of fur slipped out of his arms, landed at his feet and tripped him.  He scooped up the suit and ran a little bit farther before the suit fell on the floor again.  Poor Billy couldn’t go more than a few feet at a time without falling.   

“I’m never going to get there,” Billy said, nearly out of breath from his struggle.  He searched for  someone to help him, but all the elves were really busy.  Then Billy looked straight ahead, and there it was.   

“The exit door!” Billy panted as the sweat dripped from under his cap.  “One more big push, and I’m home free,” he said as he gathered up the load again. 

Billy was either overly optimistic or a poor judge of distance because even though he could see the door, he was still a long way from it.  Undeterred, with his heart racing, Billy picked up his pace.    He was running as fast as he could when suddenly, Billy collided with something that sent him and Santa’s official suit flying through the air. 

To Be Continued

© Lynn Wyvill 2011


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