Giving Thanks for Nature

Thanksgiving Day, a time to count our blessings.  Families, friends, jobs, good health, good food always make the list.  But as I spent more time with my list, it expanded to include the marvels of nature that brighten my world.

Here are 30 gifts of nature – one for each day of November – for which I give thanks

  • Gray, chilly days that make me appreciate the warm glow of a fireplace
  • Squirrels who enthusiastically dig holes to bury acorns
  • Chipmunks with tails that point to the sky as they scoot across the yard
  • Streams silently gliding over smooth river rocks
  • Birds flapping and splashing in the bird bath
  • A hawk’s magnificent wingspan 
  • Deep rich colors of autumn leaves decorating trees
  • Bare branches in stark contrast to the pale winter sky
  • Sharp cold fresh air that stings your nose and pinches your cheeks
  • Virginia’s rolling hills covered in early morning mist
  • Squirrels who sit on the top rail of the fence and stare into my kitchen window
  • Full moon shining in a velvety blue sky
  • First dusting of snow covering grass like powdered sugar on a gingerbread cake
  • Fragrant pine needles
  • Rosey glow of sky as day slides into night
  • Quiet of early morning that envelopes the earth in peace
  • Last rose clinging to its branch as a reminder of its past glory 
  • Cardinals brightening bare branches with red feathers
  • Delicate garter snake sunning itself on a brick path
  • Black frog climbing carefully over crispy brown leaves in the forest
  • Call of wild turkeys in the woods
  • Decaying fallen trees creating abstract compositions that dot the wooded landscape
  • Honking geese flying in perfect V formation
  • Hush that settles over an early morning snow
  • Rain tapping on windows and roofs gently lulling us to sleep
  • Glistening rain drops hanging from bare branches
  • Sunlight dancing on maple’s crimson leaves
  • Clouds drifting across a winter’s blue-grey sky
  • Crunch of fresh snow underfoot
  • Each day and every night that reveal the awesome beauty and miracles of nature

That’s my list.  How about you? 

© Lynn Wyvill 2011

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