I’ve been thinking a lot about transitions lately.   Of course, there is the beautiful change as the leaves turn from summer’s green to autumn’s gold, crimson, and orange and then to the bare branches of winter.   Temperatures get chillier.  But those aren’t the transitions I’ve been focused on.    

So far, there have been two major transitions in my professional life.   The first one occurred when I left my career as a writer and producer of TV features and informational videos to open my own company working as a presentation consultant.   It was a huge change, moving from working for someone else to working for myself, and changing fields.  All at the same time! 

That business which I’ve owned for nearly 15 years was a dream come true.  It was so exciting to me to start a business from scratch and build a client base by referrals.  Not only was I my own boss, but I had the opportunity to help thousands of business professionals become more effective and confident speakers.   Developing those abilities that contributed to their personal, as well as professional growth, was deeply satisfying to me.  I witnessed some amazing transformations.

Both careers were very successful, but now it is time for another transition for me.    I recently closed my consulting business to concentrate on writing full time.    Even though I wrote for many years in my first profession, and I have been writing fiction and essays for the past few years, I want to spend more time on this, to explore writing and see where it takes me. 

It’s like the change from summer to fall.  We work hard to build a career into the full lush green of summer’s trees and nurture it until it reaches its vibrant peak drenched in full color.   And when that time has passed, we return to a winter’s rest to refresh ourselves, readying ourselves for the next spring when we will once again bud into the green leaves of new growth for ourselves.       

© Lynn Wyvill 2011

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