Meandering in the Virginia Countryside

I know this is a late posting on a Thursday, but I have a good reason.   Autumn should never be ignored. 

Today I left the city behind for a few hours to revel in the warm gold, red, and orange leaves of fall decorating the hills of the Virginia countryside.   Cows were grazing and calves romped in the fields.  An overcast sky was streaked with dramatic dark blue-gray clouds.   I could have driven forever so this view would never end. 

But oh, when I turned off the highway onto the country road where I had a close up of this spectacular foliage!  This was where I had a front row seat to watch the chilly breezes blow over the leaves and send them fluttering to the ground.   With each gentle wind, I felt a peace settle over me as the road meandered past rolling fields and farms.  

Meander – what a perfect word for today.  To wander, roam and drift not just physically, but mentally.   As I meandered, I breathed out the clutter of my mind, letting everything go to make way for collecting all the fall colors in my imagination, gathering them together to decorate the rolling hills of my memory.

© Lynn Wyvill 2011

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4 Responses to Meandering in the Virginia Countryside

  1. farmergal says:

    Lynn, I love Autumn, and I enjoyed your meandering to clear your mind. I’ve always thought that Autumn is our gentle escort, taking us slowly toward old man Winter. How enjoyable is the stroll along the beautiful roads of such a lovely season!! Then, one morning, we wake up to a white world where only the bravest birds and animals share our days. Would we be able to endure Winter without the preparation performed by the best season of all? Farmergal

    • lynnwyvill says:

      What a lovely image of Autumn being our gentle escort to winter! You write beautifully! And I agree that Autumn is the best season of all. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Brenda Curtis-Heiken says:

    Lynn, I read your blog and allow my mind to drift and find the colors of Fall and for that moment I find peace. Brenda

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