Fall’s Fresh Start

Fall is my favorite season.  The vibrant colors and crisp air energize me, but also cause a mellowness to descend upon me.  Maybe it’s that special golden light cast by the sun in the late afternoon of a fall day that builds a contented glow within. 

But fall is more than this to me.  Fall was, and still is, a time full of hope and possibility.  I was reminded of this as I walked across the beautiful campus of Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia.   When I was there earlier this week, classes had not yet begun, but it brought back memories of my own school days.

It wasn’t nostalgia for being in school.  I have no desire to return to formal schooling,  even though I love to continue to learn new things.    But I did like preparing for the school year.  I always looked forward to gathering new school supplies that symbolized a fresh beginning, an opportunity to do new things or do old things differently or better.  A brand new notebook full of crisp, pristine pages just waiting to be filled with new ideas, insights and knowledge was one of my favorites.    

Even though I’m not going to school,  this fall is once again full of possibilities.   I’m going to open a brand new notebook – a fresh journal, full of blank pages, just waiting to be filled. 

© Lynn Wyvill 2011

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