Perfect Office Retreat

I finally did it!  I made room in my office for my rocking chair.  Over the years, I’ve moved this chair from living room to den and back again several times.  There even came a time when I thought I didn’t have room for it anymore, and I tried to sell it.  Twice.   No buyers.  It’s just as well.  I always loved this chair. 

If you think rocking chairs are only for old ladies, you’d be wrong.  And just for the record, I’m not old!  I have loved rocking chairs since I was a little girl. 

There is something about the back and forth repetitive motion that is not only comforting, but it helps me think, a rocking meditation.   Rocking takes me away from the life’s distractions into wonderful daydreams that fuel my writing.  

My office retreat is almost perfect.   All I need now is a large quantity of really good dark chocolate. 

© Lynn Wyvill 2011


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