Perfect Little Large Space

Last week I wrote about my dream space and how I yearned for a big, wide open office/ studio.  But.  I also crave the simplicity of cozy intimate surroundings like a cottage in the woods.  How often I’ve dreamed of it.  There would be a lovely covered wrap-around front porch shaded by huge oak trees.  One room would be a sitting room with a fireplace and overstuffed, soft comfortable chairs perfect for curling up with a book.    A small table would sit at the back of that room overlooking the garden where I could write.  This space would wrap me a cocoon of warmth – free of distractions, possessions edited to only what I loved and needed.  

So if I had my heart’s desire, what would it be – a large open space or a small cozy one? 

Now that I think about it, it’s the space where I am right now.   I know it may sound crazy, but this space is both large and small.  

My office is cozy, and it’s all mine.   This little room, perched on the second floor of my home, overlooks a beautiful backyard of old trees, azaleas, primroses, and impatiens.  Birds play in the birdbath and squirrels know that afternoons are meant for chasing each other and leaping from branch to branch in the tall trees. 

This spot has everything I want  –  books, childhood mementos, tokens of my husband’s love and belief in me, awards from a past successful career.  The soundtrack that plays here consists of guitar solos, violins and Celtic ballads.  

As I sit in my office, I realize it’s not the physical space that determines what I do.    No.   It’s the large, unlimited space within me where I can stretch out.  That’s what counts.  How do I know that?  Because it’s in my small cozy workspace that I dream big.  Here is where I created a business 14 years ago, fulfilling a dream that I had held since college.   

And this is the spot that held the clues to a new endeavor that is opening up unlimited possibilities for me.   All I had to do was look up.  Hanging on the wall is a collage that my sister gave me reminding me to “Be Curious.”  There are also two embroidered samplers of the alphabet that I made.    These letters of the alphabet form words; those words form stories.  This is the small spot where I discovered the huge joy of writing that is taking me on an unexpected journey. 

My perfect little large space. 

© Lynn Wyvill 2011


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2 Responses to Perfect Little Large Space

  1. Lynn, the office you described is your own home and backyard. It is a wonderful place to be. I think of your summer office as your porch. Oh, what great times we have had talking, laughing, eating great barbeque and doing it all in that calm wonderful space called “your home” hugs, Brenda

  2. Lynn Wyvill says:

    Hey Brenda, You are so right. My summer office is the porch, and we have had great times there. Hugs back to you. Lynn

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