Dream Space

I haven’t met an artist, or a business person for that matter, who doesn’t long for the perfect studio or office.  Most of us have a vision of our ideal work space where our ideas would flow, and we’d create our very best work that would dazzle the world.  I know the kind of studio/office I would like, and it’s a picture I’ve been carrying around in my head for years.   

My dream workplace is the wide open space of a huge one room loft, with long walls of exposed rough red brick, flooded by the light from floor-to-ceiling windows at the far end of the room.  The view would be of a lush green park with trails and tall trees that were dappled with the day’s sunlight.  And if the sky should darken with storm clouds and rain, I would enjoy that bliss that conjures up the moody muse. Old wide plank oak floors would be worn smooth from others who trod these boards before me. 

This would be the ideal spot to spread out with plenty of space to be me.  Here I would write and paint and explore the depths of my creativity.  Glorious mornings would be spent sipping a cup of jasmine tea as I examined the output of the previous day and pondered where the work should take me next. 

At day’s end, the sunset sky, streaked with gold and orangey-ginger highlights, would  provide the dramatic backdrop for an evening of relaxing with a glass of wine as I reviewed the day’s work.  I would critically study my paintings and re-read the thought-provoking essay I had written that day, making notes about what I wanted to change to improve the work.  As I worked, jazz or classical music, depending on my mood, would be my soundtrack.  

Oh, yes, this perfect, glorious wide-open space is where I my imagination would soar.  I’d be inspired!  I’d be prolific!  I’d be brilliantly creative! 

OK, that’s my dream space.  How would you describe your perfect spot to work and create?

© Lynn Wyvill 2011


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