Talker or Doer?

Think about how many times you’ve talked about doing something, but never got around to doing it.   Have you ever said something like “I’m going to exercise more”, or “I’m going to eat right,” or “I’m going to learn a foreign language”, or “I’m going to look for a new and better job?”  How have you completed the sentence that begins “I’m going to …..”?   If you’re not sure, think back to all those New Year’s resolutions that never made it past January 5!            

Lately, mine has been “I want to write and paint more.”    The problem with this statement is that it isn’t specific.    The desire is there, but no details.  How much is “more”?    Am I going to write and paint three times a week?   Five times?  Every day?   Is my goal to write a page a day?  Three pages?  Am I going to paint one painting a week or one a day?  When will the “doing” get done?  Yeah, I want to write and paint more, but there’s no action step here.   

Actually, I write just about every day, but I’d like to write more – as in 2 to 3 pages a day.  I’d like to paint more, as in a painting a week, because it’s been weeks since I picked up a brush at all.   How does that happen?  For me, I need to do two things.  First, limit my list of chores to accomplish each day to only an hour or two.  And the second thing is that I know I’m much more productive if I write first thing in the morning and paint in the evening.   And that I can do!

© Lynn Wyvill 2011

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2 Responses to Talker or Doer?

  1. run4joy59 says:

    Like you, I find I do much better when I am more specific with my goals…Wanting to exercise more? Sure. I do best when I write it out…Monday I will walk for 45 minutes and lift weights for 15 minutes, and so on…My writing? I’m doing much better now…going for at least 3 pages a day plus my blog. Painting? Well, you wouldn’t want to see the kind of painting I do…lol

  2. Lynn Wyvill says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for stopping by. Three pages a day plus your blog is wonderful! And sometimes, we do things like painting just for ourselves.


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