Tranquil Space

For creativity to flourish, we need space, not just the physical kind, but emotional and mental room, as well.   This is where I find mine. 


© RF Wyvill 2010

The woods are where I go to breathe deeply.   Wandering dirt paths is how I find peace.  Sunlight filters through the trees as gentle breezes ruffle the leaves.  Water trickles over river stones, gurgling as it collects in little pools, and then moves on downstream.  Sometimes, birds will sing or call as they glide from one perch to the next.   Time is suspended here.  In these tranquil spaces, my mind wanders freely, gathering all kinds of imaginings and dreams.

© Lynn Wyvill 2011

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2 Responses to Tranquil Space

  1. Iris says:

    For me it is the golf course. Of course that is also the place of immense frustration. LOL

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