Sing Your Own Song

Maybe it’s because it’s finally warm enough to open the windows, but I’ve been noticing that the air is filled with the songs of birds.   Seems that there’s choir out there!  Perched on fences, standing on railings, balancing on tree branches, they will entertain whoever stops to listen.  

But I don’t think they sing for an audience.  I believe they sing for themselves.  Maybe they figure, “You can think whatever you want about me or my song, or you can ignore me all together.  I’m going to sit here chirping and singing my heart out because it makes me happy.  I love my own tune and when I’m good and ready I’ll fly off, perch in a new place and sing some more.” 

Yeah, there’s nothing like singing your own song.

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2 Responses to Sing Your Own Song

  1. Fred and I had dinner on our deck as it was a gorgeous May evening. I was trying to overcome the stress of the day when I looked up and saw a beautiful Red Cardinal walking up and down our roof gutter. He would then fly high up in the sky and deposit his twig to build the nest for his lady love. He repeated it time after time and as he was working away he would sing or chirp while he worked. I had to remind myself if I do not like what I am doing or what it is doing to me I need to stop doing it. Brenda

  2. Lynn Wyvill says:

    Glad you were enjoying dinner on your deck. Yes, nature provides a lot of wonderful lessons, if we just pay attention. Your observation is a good one to live by.

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