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Serene Solitude

Maybe it’s because the thermometer hit 86 degrees yesterday, but I’m ready for summer – not the heat and humidity, but I want to be at the beach.    There is nothing like digging your toes into the sand and listening … Continue reading

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Tranquil Space

For creativity to flourish, we need space, not just the physical kind, but emotional and mental room, as well.   This is where I find mine.    © RF Wyvill 2010 The woods are where I go to breathe deeply.   Wandering … Continue reading

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Sing Your Own Song

Maybe it’s because it’s finally warm enough to open the windows, but I’ve been noticing that the air is filled with the songs of birds.   Seems that there’s choir out there!  Perched on fences, standing on railings, balancing on tree … Continue reading

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Stand Still

When I was a little girl, my grandfather bet me a dime, I couldn’t stand still for 10 minutes.  I wanted that dime, so I took the bet.   After trying really hard to not fidget, wiggle, jump around or otherwise … Continue reading

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