My Pinball Brain

My Pinball Brain

As soon as I opened my eyes this morning, I started playing the pinball machine game I call “Busy, Busy Life.”   Pop goes that plunger, releasing the little silver ball of my brain.  It races around and around hitting bumpers – errands to run, research to do, story ideas, meetings, dirty dishes, laundry, and housework.

As I frantically work the levers trying to keep the ball in play, the lights of this game blink and flash.  The ping, ping, ping, ding of my pinball game encourages me to go faster and faster.   My brain smacks up against new bumpers – What’s for dinner tonight? Don’t forget to pick up copier paper!  When’s the essay due for class?  You haven’t exercised all week!  Sleep?  No time! 

I played as well as I could for as long as I could, managing to rack up some points for remembering to breathe and completing some of my tasks, but my score is miserably low today.  And try as I might to keep going, that little silver ball finally slides off the game table and disappears giving my brain a much needed breather.  Thank heavens!

Released from that pinball game in my head, I walk out into a beautiful sunny day.  I stop to look at a robin hopping around the garden searching for a juicy worm.  Watching toddlers take those determined, but wobbly, steps toward the fountain at the park makes me smile.  An email from my sister makes me laugh out loud. 

It may be a busy, busy life, but today’s been a great day!

© Lynn Wyvill 2011

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