Creative Career Transitions

Update on 3/10/11 post –  My painting, Refuge, was juried into a display of abstract art in the lobby of Signature Theater.  The art show is being held from March14 – May 22 during the run of the theater’s play, Art, written by Yazmina Reza.

So far on this blog, I have written about creativity and artistic expression.  But your creativity can be used in so many other ways.   How about a creative approach to making a career transition?  

Lately, it seems more and more people are unhappy in their current jobs, or for a variety of other reasons, want or need to move on.    Finding a new job, establishing a new business, or changing careers may require new ways of thinking and doing things.   In other words, you’re going to have to be creative to figure out what comes next.   That means going beyond what you have done in the past and exploring new areas where your skills, talents and experience can be used.  That’s what I did 15 years ago, when I was ready for a career change. 

Up to that point, I had spent most of my professional life as a radio and TV reporter and producer.  There were a number of reasons for wanting a change; the primary one was burnout.    I gave myself one year, while I continued to work, to explore my options.   

Here’s where the creativity came in.  I developed my own plan for assessing what I had to offer and determining what truly interested me.  Then I asked myself how I could use my knowledge and skills in new ways.  I worked on that plan for 9 months.  My conclusion was that I wanted to take all my communications experience and use it to help business professionals become better public speakers.  I also knew that I really wanted to own a training and consulting business.   My dream came true 14 years ago, and I’ve never looked back. 

Being creative and expanding the way you think about how, when and where to make your next career move, will open up all kinds of new opportunities to pursue.  You may be surprised where it takes you. 

© Lynn Wyvill 2011

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2 Responses to Creative Career Transitions

  1. You go girl..and I have followed that move for fourteen years. Brenda

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