Stepping Outside the Comfort Zone

Everybody’s heard of Comfort Zones, that spot where we do the same things the same way over and over again.  We fly along on auto pilot for weeks, months, and maybe even years.  We’re in a rut.  But stepping out of that comfort zone sometimes can really get us moving creatively.

For the past few years, I’ve focused on writing as my primary creative outlet.  But there is something about paint that has always fascinated me – ever since kindergarten finger painting class.   A few years ago, I decided to try abstract painting (mostly because I can’t draw), which is more challenging than I expected.   I painted a few pictures and then put the paints away until recently.   The local community gallery, Del Ray Artisans, announced they were having an abstract show, Beyond Form: Expressing Art.  I decided to step outside my comfort zone and try abstract painting again. It was fun and a change from writing.    I entered three paintings, and Surprise!  All three were accepted.


                                                    Refuge ©Lynn Wyvill 2011

                                                      Burst © Lynn Wyvill 2011

                                              Wednesday © Lynn Wyvill 2011

My husband, Richard, who is a landscape painter, stepped out of his comfort zone, too.  He created two pictures that are very different from his usual style. 

                                                Sunset © Richard F. Wyvill 2011

                                  Nowhere Near Here © Richard F. Wyvill 2011

If you want to see what he normally paints, check out my blog entry, “What Are You Doing this Week?”  and his website

© Lynn Wyvill 2011

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4 Responses to Stepping Outside the Comfort Zone

  1. I am totally blown away by your creativity space. You are incredible. Love, Brenda

  2. I am totally blown away by your creativity space. You are incredible. Love, Brenda I love the first painting.

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