Fun Stuff

This may seem like a strange time to be talking about New Year’s resolutions, but stick with me here.   

Every year on January 1, I set goals for myself, both personal and professional, for the New Year.  Some people call these “resolutions.”  I avoid that word because “resolution” sounds so overwhelming and besides, I know a “resolution” won’t be around much past January 5.   So I called them “goals.” 

One of my goals in 2011 is to do something fun or different from my regular routine each week.   It can’t be work-related, but something that falls in the category of “just because it would be fun” and “just for me.”  Unfortunately, this “goal” took on the appearance of a “resolution” by January 10.  In other words, it wasn’t happening.    

What in the world is so difficult about doing something really fun each week?  So I gave myself a pep talk “You can do this.  You want to do this.”     By the end of January, I wasn’t sure I had made any progress. I went back and tried to reconstruct the fun things I had done over the past weeks.  I had few things on the list, but it appeared I was on the downhill slide to not meeting this particular goal.  On to Plan B.    

First, “Goals” sounded way too serious, so I renamed my list, “Stuff I Really Want to Do.”  Much better! 

Next, I decided that if I was going to stick to my plan of doing something fun every week, I needed a way to keep track of it, so I bought a blank notebook, named it my fun journal and decorated it.  See below.

I decorated it with a bag because I love to go places, whether it’s a trip or a day outing.  I usually carry a large tote bag with me that holds my journal, camera, pens etc.   As you can see, I pasted reminders of what this was all about on the front.  What you may not be able to see as well is the key attached to the right hand side of the bag just under the ribbon – a symbol.   Having fun is the key to living a full, vibrant and, some experts say, a long life.  Sign me up!

If you want to see another person’s idea about keeping a journal like this, go over to and look at the latest post, “Cross Country Virgins” where Alan describes the journal he and his wife, Fi, keep each year.   

Writing in my fun journal is fascinating.  By assembling everything in one place, I can see patterns.  It’s pretty clear in looking at my entries that anything involving food, art, and being outside fits my idea of fun.  I’m having more fun more than once a week.   Am I doing all the fun stuff I really want to do?   Not quite, but I still have 10 more months!

© Lynn Wyvill 2011

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4 Responses to Fun Stuff

  1. Joe Shumard says:

    One of my favorite people always says “writing is evidence of thinking.” I find that I don’t spend nearly enough time thinking about enjoyable things. Maybe if we write it down and think about it once in a while it will get done! Thanks Lynn!!

  2. Brenda says:

    Lynn, I think all your ideas are great but being the compulsive person I am I “just do it”! If I want to play golf, I do, party, I d0, lunch with friends, I do, swim, I do, etc. etc.
    I think first of all just list the things that you think are fun and then as Nike says
    “Just do it”!
    Hugs, Brenda

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