Get Your Creative Self Moving

I keep a Slinky, that marvelous coiled toy, on my desk for use in times of creative drought.  There is something about shifting those coils from one hand to the other that helps me think and dream up all kinds of creative projects that I want to work on.  

This toy and creativity have a lot in common.  In order to have fun with a Slinky, you have to put it in motion.  Creativity works much the same way.  You have to claim your creativity, put it in motion, experiment with ideas, and stretch yourself. 

One of the most amazing things you can do with a Slinky is to place it at the top of the steps and send it on its way.  Momentum moves it down the stairs with steady progress.  Creative work is like that, too.  Our ideas and experience meld, setting our imaginations in motion, which almost demands that we do something.  And so the creative work begins.  We become immersed in what we are doing, and we don’t want to stop. 

As you shift the Slinky from hand to hand, light plays off its metal coils.  When we are doing creative work, our imagination bounces around and catches the light.   Sometimes Slinky’s arch drops towards the floor.  Who hasn’t experienced a slump that makes us feel miserable, wondering if we really are creative?   But a flick of the wrists gets Slinky moving again. 

So what do you do in cases of creative drought to set your imagination in motion and get your creativity moving?

© Lynn Wyvill 2011

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2 Responses to Get Your Creative Self Moving

  1. Brenda says:

    I “just do it”.

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