Creative Laryngitis

I lost my voice not long ago.  It began as intermittent croaking and cracking, and then disappeared completely for three days.  The recovery took another week.   I hated not being able to speak, but I think just about everything can be used as a source of inspiration and having laryngitis was no exception.  

Losing a physical voice is a good metaphor for losing a creative voice, which is whatever you use to express your creative ideas.  Just as physical voices can do many things – shouting, whispering, singing, speaking loudly or softly – creative voices can be used many ways.   It may be “heard” in artistic pursuits such as painting, drawing, singing, writing, or acting.  But your creative voice also can be expressed in public speaking, cooking, baking, gardening, restoring old cars or houses, building furniture, or developing a business.  Your creative voice is the expression of the things that you are passionate about and where you feel the freedom to be you.   Just like your physical voice, your creative voice is unique to you. 

Many of us lose our creative voices as we move into adulthood.    The reasons vary but one thing is certain.  Unlike your physical voice, creative laryngitis does not come from overuse.   We lose our creative voices from under use.  

So let’s say you have “creative laryngitis.”   What is the “cure”?  Just as singers must keep their voices in top shape with vocal exercises and practice, a strong creative voice comes from using it every day.  If you wait for the perfect time or until you finish with everything else, you may find your creative voice weak and creaky.  The ideas won’t flow very well.  Then you get discouraged and stop using your creative voice until one day it is completely silenced.    Imagine not being able to use your creative voice.  What that would mean to you and the world if your creative voice was silent?  

Thought for the week:  Don’t risk losing your “creative voice”; use it every day.

© Lynn Wyvill 2011

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